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  • ​Federal and State income tax preparation services

  • Tax planning strategies

  • Tax preparation for all states

  •  For individuals,               corporations, LLC's, partnerships, estates, trusts

  • Experienced with all business types, including medical practices, retail stores, trade shows, auto dealers, real estate operators, agents, contractors, home owners associations, hotels and others

  • Annual or monthly business accounting

  • Financial statements

  • IRS audit representation

  • Tax Court assistance

A. Clayton Simmons, P.C.

Certified Public Accountant


Woodstock, Georgia

(678) 247-1402

Professional, quality tax and accounting services for businesses and individuals. 
Firm established 1984.


Experienced in effective tax saving techniques.  Clients first, IRS last.

I search for ways to save taxes, do not make assumptions, do not take

the easy fast way.  There are often exceptions to the "general" rules

buried in the Internal Revenue Code, Tax Regulations, and Court Cases.

I do not have an assembly-line mindset to tax preparation.  I ask questions

and make suggestions.

Last year I found some legal exceptions that saved over $200,000 in tax

for sale of a business. 


This year I have found mistakes in trust tax returns prepared by a national

firm that cost the trust over $18,000 in tax; and I discovered that the trust

has been charged excessive fees by its investment advisor; this investigation

started with a question from the beneficiary about the income reported to

her by the trust.  An attorney has been hired by my client for possible legal

action that may go over $200,000 in claims.

Over several years I have caught or helped catch 8 embezzlers in various

businesses and local government.  Only one of these cases was ever

in the news.  White collar crime is rampant but little known.  One new theft

tool is the credit card reader that can plug into an I-Phone.  Hi-tech has

made fraud and theft easier.

I am a member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants,

Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants,

and National Association of Tax Professionals.


$2,000,000 professional liability insurance coverage through the AICPA

Professional Liability Program and CNA/Continental Casualty Company.


Peer reviewed as required by Georgia State Board of Accountancy.


Please e-mail or call me if you have questions about my services and

how I might help you save taxes.








Did you know ?


Some CPA firms use a scanner to input tax information from W-2's, 1099's, and stock broker tax statements.  This short-cut can cause errors and shows the assembly-line approach to tax preparation by the CPA firm.


Some CPA firms outsource tax preparation to India.

This can limit tax savings by Indians not familiar with US tax laws.


Annual tax statements from stock brokers often have mistakes, such as wrong cost/basis for stocks and other investments sold.  What appear to be complete gain/loss schedules sometimes show no cost for some stocks, with gain same as sale price.


The tax basis for gain or loss on sale of investments and real estate is not same as original purchase cost when inherited;  it can be much higher, for less tax.


Annual Form W-2 wage statements sometimes have incorrect state allocations.

This can happen when someone transfers from one state to another, with same company,

or when on temporary work assignment in another state.


Investment management fees paid to stock brokers or financial planners can often be deducted on Sch D as sale expenses.  The 2017 tax act prohibits deducting as a miscellaneous deduction on Sch A, so this avoids that limitation.


Closing attorneys for real estate sales sometimes incorrectly prepare IRS Form 1099-S when there are two or more owners, by reporting all of sale price to only one owner, or all of sale price to each owner.  An experienced tax accountant can report this in ways that avoid problems with the IRS.

Georgia law requires trustees to provide all trust records and tax returns to beneficiaries when


You may be able to claim your parent as a dependent even though he or she does not live with you.

You can deduct medical expenses, such as an assisted living home, paid for a relative who may not be claimed

as your dependent due to income.

At-home nursing care expense can be deducted as medical expense.

The new Sec 199A 20% deduction can be used for income from natural gas royalties.





















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